Friday, 24 February 2012

Mysterious World.

In 1959, Belgian WWII veteran and ex-fighter pilot, Col. Remy Van Lierde, was flying over the remote areas of the African Congo in a helicopter, when he spotted this giant snake. He estimated that this snake was between 40-50 feet long, and the snake took a lunge at his helicopter when he flew really low & took a picture. The photo was studied extensively & found to be unaltered. (Photoshop did not exist yet in 1959.) There are huge areas of the African Congo that still remains undiscovered to this day.

A prehistoric fossil of a 45 foot long giant anaconda snake was recently found in February of 2009 at a Colombian coal mine. The giant prehistoric snake was given the scientific name of "Titanoboa cerrejones". (This giant prehistoric snake could have easily swallowed a 6 foot man with no problem.) It's quite possible that the late Col. Remy Van Lierde saw a living"Titanoboa cerrejones" in the African Congo back in 1959. (He passed away on June 8, 1990.)

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